"General ". Painting to order for printing on wallpaper

To create this unique wallpaper, a painting was done using all the techniques of Chinese gunbi painting style. Each pile of a tiger's skin, each needle of a pine crown is traced separately with the finest brush. The drawing was made on authentic rice paper using ink and mineral paints.

The images of a tiger, pine, orchid and stones were not chosen by chance. All images together carry a powerful protective and benevolent message.

The tiger is a symbol of male valor, honor, good luck, fearlessness and excellent health, pines and stones are symbols of good health and a long, happy, rich life, the orchid is a symbol of beauty and grace.

The painting hands over to the customer.

Dimensions: drawing 65 × 100 cm
Drawing materials: rice paper, ink, mineral paints
The size of the wallpaper is 130 × 200 cm. The customer prints wallpapers by himself.

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