Art Nouveau bedside table "Fuchsia and Hummingbird". Furniture painting to order

The price of such painting is starting at 40,000 RUB
Please, contact me to order a painting and calculate the price of work.
I do painting only on the foundation prepared in advance.

The author's painting of the bedside table is made to order in the traditional oriental style of the moguf with authentic calligraphic brushes made of wolf and goat fur. Art Nouveau and oriental painting of the Moguf and Gunbi style organically complement each other, since they are stylistically very close.

For the decoration of the bedside table, a floral motive was chosen not by chance.
In China, the fuchsia flower is a symbol of passionate love, conjugal happiness and well-being. The plot, where birds and flowers are combined, symbolizes the harmony of marital relations, love and devotion.

The owner of the bedroom, who loves experiments, wanted a riot of color. That was embodied in the painting on the bedside table. Pink, lilac, raspberry-colored buds, bright green flowers and bird plumage perfectly set off the whiteness of the furniture and the delicate patina of gilding.

Private collection.
Bedside table size: L65 x W40 x H55 (cm)
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