Triptych "Three friends of winter".
The painting took part in 3 exhibitions.

To create an artistic expression, the characters of these painting series were chosen not by chance. All the paintings in the series are united by a common subject meaning: winter, as the idea of an internal conflict, and ways to overcome it.

The eagle symbolizes the solar, masculine yang energy.
The eagle is a symbol of courage, strength, speed and discernment.
Pine is especially loved in Chinese painting.
Pine is a symbol of wisdom, resilience, self-control, a symbol of longevity and good health.
Blooming plum symbolizes beauty, charm, love.
It personifies both the ancient super-idea of eternal youth, and Confucian restraint, resilience, and the Taoist ideal of "useless use": contemplation of the beauty of the curved, knotty and unsuitable for crafts things.
Trees, like stones, are perceived as living.
Earlier only Taoist magicians knew the secret that the use of seeds, resin and pollen and pine can prolong life. Now these ingredients are widely used in traditional medicine as well.

The peculiarity of this painting is that it was created without a preliminary pencil sketch, at once, with a brush, ink and paint.

Dimensions: drawing 49 × 99 cm, scroll size 59 × 150 cm.
Materials: rice paper, ink, mineral paint

February 2019
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