Triptych "Three friends of winter".
The painting took part in 3 exhibitions.

To create an artistic expression, the characters of these painting series were chosen not by chance. All the paintings in the series are united by a common subject meaning: winter, as the idea of an internal conflict, and ways to overcome it.

In the Chinese tradition, magpies symbolize good news, the beginning of something good, kind.
Pine is a symbol of wisdom, resilience, a symbol of longevity and good health.
Blooming plum symbolizes beauty, charm, love.

The peculiarity of this painting is that it was created without a preliminary pencil sketch, at once, with a brush, ink and paint.

Dimensions: drawing 49 × 99 cm, scroll size 59 × 150 cm.
Materials: rice paper, ink, mineral paints.
For sale in the scroll

February 2019
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