"There are no well-trodden paths on the way"

The painting is filled with expression, strength and freshness.
The drawing was made on authentic rice paper using ink.
The image of a bamboo was chosen to create an artistic expression. 

Bamboo is a classic image of oriental culture.
It symbolizes nobility, fortitude in the face of adversity, flexibility, excellent health and longevity.
Bamboo is called one of the three friends of winter because it always stays green and never breaks under the snow.

A feature of this picture is that it was painted without a preliminary pencil sketch, just with a brush, ink.

You can place an order for a similar plot by the price starting of 10,000 RUB.

Dimensions: painting 44 * 34 cm, frame 50 * 40 cm.
Materials: rice paper, ink, mineral paint
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