"Zeroing point. 2020"

Painting of impression, painting of memory about the winter Damishan Mountains on the beautiful Li River in Guangxi province, which I had the joy of seeing while traveling in China in December 2019.
In the same December 2019, the fatal coronavirus story happened.
And the whole world froze, watching the tragic events in Wuhan.

In January 2020, this painting was born, as a reflection that the world has become different and we, people, must become different: we should remember what real values are and change ourself for the better.

The peculiarity of this painting is that it was created without a preliminary pencil sketch, at once, with a brush, ink and paint.

Dimensions: drawing 30 × 90 cm, scroll size 40 × 137 cm
Materials: rice paper, ink, mineral paint, silk, wood

Alien Spring Project, January 2020
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