"Catch Ups"

Triptych "Games"

The painting is the winner of the online contest "Painting of the Soul".

The triptych "Games" is a mixture of Chinese painting, as a medium, the cultural codes of China, my observation of the reactions and behavior of people on the Web, seasoned with personal reflection on an unprecedented pandemic situation.

People play Games.
The best outdoor children's game - "Catch-up". Run away, in all directions, it's fun. Worse for the host you need to choose a "victim" and overtake his/her. This is not so easy.
So we, adults, either run away from ourselves, then try to find ourselves.

To create an artistic expression, the image of a lotus and fish was chosen not by chance. Lotus is a symbol of purity and innocence, while fish is a symbol of wealth, good luck, family happiness and prosperity.

The peculiarity of this painting is that it was created without a preliminary pencil sketch, at once, with a brush, ink and paint.

Dimensions: drawing 35 × 138 cm
Materials: rice paper, ink
For sale without frame

April 28, 2020.
"Alien Spring" Project
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