Triptych "Three friends of winter"

The painting is the winner of the international Chinese Painting Competition organized by the Chinese Embassy. The work took part in the exhibition at the Chinese Cultural Center in Moscow.

To create an artistic expression, the characters of these painting series were chosen not by chance. All the paintings in the series are united by a common subject meaning: winter, as the idea of an internal conflict, and ways to overcome it.

The crane is a symbol of purity, happiness, honesty and selfless help, longevity and prosperity. He is an image of wisdom, striving for the heights of knowledge, for comprehending the truth of the universe.
Pine is a symbol of wisdom, resilience, a symbol of longevity and good health.
Blooming plum symbolizes beauty, charm, love.

The peculiarity of this painting is that it was created without a preliminary pencil sketch, at once, with a brush, ink and paint.

Dimensions: drawing 49 × 99 cm, scroll size 59 × 150 cm.
Materials: rice paper, ink, mineral paints.
For sale in the scroll

February 2019
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