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The same moon is in front of my window.
(Chan sayings)
But the plums will bloom - and the moon is already different.
The performance took place on March 01, 2020 and was included in the project "Alien Spring"

Performance "Warmth."

The idea to create this performance came to me back in December 2019. I had just returned to Moscow from China when terrible news arrived. To support the country that I love so much, the people of China, in their fight against the epidemic with at least something, it was my natural and passionate impulse. I invited everyone to paint a picture together in the style of traditional Chinese painting.

The threat of contracting the coronavirus dictates to us that we should not travel, that close contact with others should be avoided. Even the habitual handshake can cause illness. The virus threatens everything that is dear to us: friendship, communication and even freedom in a sort.
With my action, I urged to unite spiritually, to confront the problem together, to show maximum calmness, attention and care for each other, to do everything that depends on us in ours place. Therefore, the method of painting this landscape using not only brushes, but also palms, is symbolic, just as the artistic image of the picture is symbolic.

This landscape, "Warmth. ", as a symbol of spiritual unity, was donated to one of the hospitals in Wuhan (China), which became the epicenter of the spread of the disease.

On March 13, this painting was handed over to the Chinese Embassy. As soon as possible, it will be sent through the diplomatic mission to Wuhan.

Author, art director, artist, producer - Tatiana Kalin.
Directed by Alexander Abramov. Operator - Artem Markin
Participants of the performance: Anna Rvantsova, Elena Petrova, Galina Ponkratova, Alena Basneva, Alina Satarova, Irina Polevaya.
(с) 2021
Tatiana Kalina